Dont Fart Support

This is a comedy game. Most things will happen automatically except some instances in which you must walk to the right. This is both an actual instruction and a fitting commentary on life. Think about it: ” Most things will happen automatically except some instances in which you must walk to the right.” Pretty much describes the process of life.


To move press the bottom right or left of the screen. The entire bottom eighth of the screen has the move buttons on mobile. In the center above that bottom area containing left right there is a secret jumping button. Jumping is unnecessary to succeed. Again another great quote about life huh?


“Jumping is not necessary to succeed.” 


I mean honestly, I exercise but I see some people and it’s like “either become a professional athlete or calm down.”


Anyway, this game is satire. Like we have said this is something that has been happening for the entirety of history. There are people who say “oh certain cultures don’t care about farting.” This is a fallacy on its face. Let me explain.


There do exist cultures throughout time who believe farting is natural and more akin to the modern America (I’m American) attitude toward sneezing. Sneezing however (like coughing, hiccuping or blinking) is largely out of your control. Meaning humans must make a choice to fart or rather (as pro-fart advocates would say: choose to hold in the fart as your body wants to fart). This ability to control along with the audible noise of flatulence means humans have always had to hold farts in order to not interrupt or distract. 




One of the amazing things about the fossil record is we can determine how long a species has been around. Homo Erectus has had, since its development, the same butt. This means that without a doubt, early prehistorical man could hold in a fart the same way we can today.


Clothing has also been a huge part of society for a long time and society does have an effect on this. One of the important parts of understanding farts, is to understand that man’s ancestral evolutions were already in a society. Early Modern Humans, Neanderthals, and Cro-Magnon are all the earliest inklings of human and had clothes and a society. One of the functions of clothes is that it is inadvisable to go to the bathroom in them. Hence since the dawn of man, the choice to fart or not fart in order to prevent an accident on their cave pants.


Even our modern understanding of psychology is determined by our desire to not go whoopsies in our jeans. Freud suggests that the parental desire to keep us clean is what causes many functions of our superego to monitor our behavior. This suggests, in someway, that a psychological evolution to keep ourselves free of mess started our journey all the way to breed the most brilliant man of all time Louis Pasteur who pioneered the science to prevent doctors and chefs to have doo doo on their hands and eliminate cow poo from our milk.


As you can read, this is a pretty important game.