Rules To Play DUO

DUO is a table top rpg that we invented for this podcast, here is the player/gm guide

Law Departments

1. Traffic

2. Homicide

3. Patrol- beat cop

4. Vice

5. Clerical- as in desk work (not normal dnd cleric)

6. Swat

7. Weapons/Evidence Locker

8. CSI

Rules for Duo (Game Masters called control)

The digit scans everything and anything. Without oversimplifying: The entire game is digit scans.

As Control you will be able to make certain choices and others will be dictated by the rules or by upgrades.

The Digit determines what games call the difficulty of any obstacle.

At the start the Digit scan means a player rolls a d20 and the other players or roll a d10 try and beat it.


Control says: There is a fence in front of you.

Officer (player) says: I want to jump over it. 

Control: Perform a digit scan to see if you can jump it.

Officer: Rolls a 8.

Control: Roll a d10 dice

Officer: I rolled a 10.

Control: You Successfully jumped over.

This is basic but there are other factors at play. As Control you must tell the player all the information needed to make decisions. For example Players in Remander are fragile. Without spoiling the players fun of making bad decisions and getting hurt in an exciting moment, remind them that falling from a small height will cause Damage.

The players are fragile for this reason, not just story wise. It forces them to get upgrades to be reckless. However, you must setup scenarios just as challenging. A player can at any time wish to know the challenge, if the Digit gives them a d20 roll of 1 they succeed.

Fighting enemies is a good example about CONTROL GIVING all the information needed.


As control you have the most creativity over the digital scans of enemies.

Let’s look an Immortal Mega in form 2 seen in ep 1 of the Podcast.

As this is not a typical rpg the stats cannot all be formed before.

Spark is Type 1 enemy.

Type 1 enemies are protected by upgrades and then a mortal body that will die when killed.

Layer 3 takes 12 Damage

Layer 2 takes 10

Mortal Body takes 2.

The player must be given Damage info once they scan the enemy. 

Create your stories based on 1 of 2 things.

Creating an emeny that must be kept alive, meaning the detective work is the focus.

Creating a dangerous situation which makes scanning impossible or difficult meaning force has to be improvised of even avoided.

Remember DUO is a game about detective work.

Type 2 enemies are modular and great for random non-essential characters or people that get roped into your characters situations.


A recon mission

Control: You are on a roof top and you see the target you are trailing with 4 body guards and several people drinking.

Officer: I want to kill one of the people drinking as a distraction.

Control: Roll a digitscan of the person to determine damage.

Officer: 20

Control: They have 20 health. You will not be able to kill them in a single shot with your current weapons.

This is called PASSIVE HEALTH which is essential to the game.


There are upgrades to create armor for law enforcement and criminals alike. However, like everyday life our health depends on just how we are feeling.

There are instances of triumph and tragedy in this real life fact: we’ve heard of people getting hit by cars and living and people who slip and die from a minor injury.

Passive health works like this.

Roll a d20 when health becomes relevant: someone attacks you, you fall, you enter a dangerous situation.

This means that yes, a player can instantly die from an interaction they are unprepared for. So now is the perfect time to talk about death.



The way to punish players messing up is knocking them off the trail. The goal gets away, not necesarily kills them.

If HOOKED UP TO CONTROL at the time of death you can roll a 3 chance dice contest of d20s against control who brings you to a hospital. Because Control interprets this area as dangerous, the officer is moved to a different part of the city. Remember Drugs and Off Limit Areas will turn Control off.

Like in real life drugs come with a very dangerous risk reward. By using Drugs to gain magical powers the users can quickly and cheaply keep themselves safer, however they run the risk of death. The character dies permanently, not just in games turns.

The other players will have 3 turns each to save a dead character. This may be done through:

A health care upgrade allowing them to do so.

Revopite- An illegal drug which revives a character ONLY on drugs and makes them at 1 health. Revopite is still a drug and will not connect you to Control. Once it wears off you will go back to passive health, this takes 6 minutes.

There are hospital drugs call Tennae that put any user back online to control. To adminster Tennae the dead player has 3 chances to lose (roll lower) a d20 dice contest to the Healer. TennaeX will connect to control but only has 1 chance to beat the d20 death contest with control. Tennae20 is administered the same but has 2 chances to beat control in the d20 death contest. TennaeMime will get you 3 chances and is the only one of the Tennae that can be applied again is the player does not suceed either the failing or the death contest with control. Tennae can be bought at hospitals or Law headquarters.

One last note about Officers in good standing. The police will review your record and decide if you are monetarily worth it to revive even after a fail, as will certain criminal Organizations for the same. As Control your job at that point is to make it clear that perhaps you’ll make a powerful enemy should you turn on an organization that chooses to revive a player. 

Protecting yourself as a player has 3 paths: Protect yourself with armor, stay stocked up on Tennaes, or Join many organizations that revive.


DUO is an open source game, meaning we will add Rogues, enemies, vigilantes, criminal and societal organizations and buildings. HOWEVER there is no established or rigid lore. The fun should be in creating drugs, and upgrades together and for players so that the world is less rigid. FEEL FREE to use our lore or tweet us your own info on our site


Law- the law sector is the HQ for Captain Zebbra, there is a hospital there with Tennae for Purchase. This is where players must return to get money and upgrade legally. Additionally a mission can be aborted and accepted here.

Res1- Lowest income residential area, lots of low level criminal activity (shop lifting) but actually quite calm. Mostly energy sluggers-people who build improvised ways to gather electricity for the Remander Grid and are paid for it in a wellfare type system.

Res2- Middle Income Area, many engineers. Improvised upgrades are sold here in home businesses. This is not a black market but instead a solution for people who perhaps feel uncomfortable with Remander brand upgrades and tech for their ailing bodies and lifestyle.

Res3- Home to the highest income- The Majority of people. 

ResIndel1- Homes equally mixed with Schools, playgrounds, and other Children activities. Many new parents and families with young children. The Remander Central 22z Library is here- the hub of all Remander info.

ResIndel2- Some homes, many sports arenas and gyms. Small specialty doctors.

ResIndel3- Some homes, the dwindling restaurant business.

Indel1- Smallest industrial area, banking  and investment.

Indel2- Entertainment and Manufacturing

Indel3- Night life

Lightly1- Nocturnal Village Self Sufficient from rest of Remander

Lightly2- Nocturnal Village Self Sufficient from rest of Remander

Lightly3- Nocturnal Village Self Sufficient from rest of Remander

NoLight- A community of people off Control

EdgeX1 Thin Zone along edge of  Remander in half circle ring to the West. Warehouses

EdgeX2 Thin Zone along edge of  Remander in half circle ring to the East. Warehouses.



Start Scanning using a d20 

+5,000 Lawcredits to lower Challenge. Starts at d20, then d12, d8, d6, d4, d2


Start Modulating 1 shot from d2, d4 or d6

Path 1 Damage 

+1,000 Law Credits Modulate damage from d4,d6, and d8 no d2

+another 1,000 Law Credits Modulate damage from d6, d8, and d10 no d2 no d4

+another 1,000 Law Credits Modulate damage from d8, d10, and d12 no d2,d4, or d6

+another 1,000 Law Credits Modulate damage from d10, d12, and d20 no d2, d4, or d6

+another 1,000 Law Credits PlopGun double d20 damage per shot, no modulation

Path 2 Fire Rate

+500 Law credits adds a shot per turn. Shots can be combined with Damage with limits.

Unlimited shots per turn can be added with no upgrade

If you upgrade being able to shoot 5 shots per turn you cannot increase your damage. 

You may then add 1 shot per Damage level

This Means should you wish to max both classes you can add 5 shots to level 0, then upgrade damage, then add a shot, repeating until the top level.

A Max Double Class PlopGun Fires 10 rounds of d20 damage per turn


Helping the Law ER unit recovering downed officers or investigating Homocide earns Armor and Healing from HQ Hospital

1 Driver Disk TennaeX 100 Law Credits 

1 Driver Disk Tennae20  200 Law Credits

1 Driver Disk TennaeMime 1,000 Law Credits

BoneSport Pro

Get your bones replaced in the most fun way possible and add some new ones too.

250 credts BoneSportNewds- this adds a level of difinitive Health to your Passive Health. Roll a d20 3 times, choose the best one and you have a protective health that works like a free death before your passive health. Newds can be bought up to 20 times, each layer works like a consequence free death.

600 credits BoneSportRodos- Replace the silly passive health and no exactly how close to death you are. Roll 3 d20s and add them all up, you now have an exact and constant health number. This can be done 10 times. Additionally you will have a damage threshold. Every other BonesportRodo Upgrade roll a dice increasing from d2 to d10. Damage from an attack under that number will not affect you. Damage threshold is not stacked but changes with each time the surgery calls for a Damage Threshold roll. Roll must be hire than the last levels highest possible roll. E.g. At the 4th upgrade the player must roll higher than 2.

2,000 Re roll Damage Threshold

There exist Blackmarket d12 and d20 damage threshold surgeries.

MOVEMENT- by helping Patrol cops and Traffic, you can increase your player’s movement.


+400 Law Credits Walk on Walls 2 Turns

+another 600 Law Credits Walk on walls 4 turns

+another 800 Law Credits Permanently walk on Walls at will

Ligidron- Tired of your bones being attached? No problem. Squeeze to the size of an inch.

Requiring a digit scan you may change the width of your body by releasing all your bones from their joint. You must Roll Lower than the Digit.

+100 Credits d12

+400 Credit d10

+800 Credits d8

+1000 Credits d6

+2000 Credit d4

+5000 Credits d2


+500 credts add 10 seconds of flying using a Jetpack

RESTRAINT-Accessible by any credit. As control for the most part handles criminal handcuffs and restraint traps are the main way citizens of Remander practice self defense. Add these upgrades to your body.

Foam- I’ve never seen a lady finger escape a Tiramasu and neither will your enemies. Require a  digit scan to find out how much foam damage it would take to restrain enemies. They roll a contest every 10 seconds to escape

+100 Credits add d4 to restraining power. no limit.

+100 Credits add a d4 contest. Meaning the opponent mus beat you x many times to be release in a dice rolling contest of a d4.

HuggingRope- wrap your enemies is a big friendly squeeze of please don’t fucking move. Requires a digitscan. Permanent until untied, however will some obstacle may be too big to fully restrain with your size of rope

+50 credits add length of wire. Roll a d10 to determine how many feet

+1000 credits increase dice against digitscan. Start at d10, then d12 and d20


Hear more 500 law credits

See moore 500 law credits

Smell more 500 law credits

Chemical- Labshmab with these upgrades by working with CSI you can get chemical readouts in the field.

Lab1 900 Law Credits

Lab2 1800 Law Credits

Lab3 3200 Law Credits


500 Law Credits TaserStaff d4 Shocking Damage. Huge Range. No upgrade

500 Law Credits BoomCord Huge very short range damage. 4 foot range, d20 damage.

500 Silver Lock Pick Upgrades from 6 success to 1 for 500, lower digit scan dice for each level beyond that from d20 to 2. 6 successful d20 rolls agains digit. Last level is auto lock picking

DRUGS- Drugs in Remander create magical abilities. This will shut control off. Meaning all upgrades cannot be used. The more tolerance builds up, the more powerful drugs become, it may also cause problems for usng upgrades.

Rule wise drugs are simple dice contests between characters if in a fight with another drug user. For a creative maneuver using the dice for the damage roll a contest against the player

Rage- Gain super strength for 3 turns. d10 damage. Damage Threshold 5. TOLERENCE EFFECT: Use every 4 times and gain 1 Permanent Damage Threshold and d2 punching damage when not using. Using Rage 4 times will shut down health upgrades permanently and need to be replaced from first level. Once tolerance effect is achieved 2 double time and damage upon use.

SpitHands- shoot caustic streams of gas from your hands

Acid- control 5 foot area around you for 3 turns. You can melt things with 1 d6 damage per turn. TOLERENCE EFFECT: Use every 4 times and gain 1 shot per day hour. Using SpitHands 4 times will randomly shutdown restraints. Once tolerance effect is achieved 2 double time and damage upon use.

Smoke same as acid, you can blind and damage equipment.

Drogenj- breath fire 5 foot range 1 d6 3 turns, flamable: roll a d20, your faction based on power must beat the d20 fraction from the digit scan. a roll of 2 from a d6 using drogenj, sets a flamability of 2 from a d20 digit scan. Because 2/6 is higher that 2/20.

Fuelenol- Generally faster, random speed bonus, control off.

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